Govt to release upgraded version of Aakash in April

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After receiving complaints from the users about the low quality of Aakash, including its myriad technical issues like poor battery and slow processor speed, the government has announced that it would launching an upgraded version of the device, ‘Aakash-II’, by April this year.

“In order to cater to the huge demand, we need several manufacturers to manufacture Aakash. We are enhancing the specifications on the basis of feedback we have received from the first version of Aakash. So we want to make sure that the upgraded product caters to the need of the customers. We have involved ITI in order to upgrade it. We will be able to bring in Aakash-II by April,” HRD Minister Kapil Sibal told the Times of India.

Additional Secretary, HRD Ministry N K Sinha told in a recent report that 22 crore more tablets are needed in the coming years, and that other companies along with Datawind will get a chance to launch the device, to meet the huge demands.

“As of now Datawind has delivered around 30,000 tablets and the rest 70,000 will also have the upgraded version of Aakash-II,” Sibal added.

The HRD Minister plans to meet IIT-Rajasthan Director, Datawind officials and the Special Secretary to the Human Resources Development Ministry tomorrow to further discuss the Aakash tablet project.

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