Rumor: Chinese Microblog Sina Weibo to launch its own Android phone

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China’s Sina Weibo is planning to launch an Android phone integrated with the Weibo mobile app, this year.

According to Marbridge Daily, the Chinese microblog has already designed a prototype for this new device, and has submitted a budget plan to the board of directors. It has also established a development team of ten employees, who would be working on this project. Once the project gets a go ahead from the board of directors, the team working on Sina phone could be expanded to include hundreds of people.

The Sina smartphone will use a Qualcomm chipset and a customized version of Android to allow one-click access to Sina Weibo and other applications, according to the sources.

Last year, Sina and HTC Corp. released the first Weibo Smartphone called Weike C510e. This Smartphone comes with Sina Weibo integration and is loaded with dozens of applications and that provide easy access to the microblogging site . The phone also features a Sina Weibo button on front side, from where users can Weibo interface with single click of this button.

Sina Weibo has more than 250 million registered users and with these Weibo phones, the microblogging giant aims to reach out to more users in China.



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