Was 2011 The Year Of Apple?

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Isn’t it always, you ask! To a certain extent yes, but 2011 was much more eventful for Apple than any previous years. Steve Job’s sad demise notwithstanding, 2011 saw Apple not launching any blockbuster product but rather delivering incremental upgrades in the form of iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. This is unlikely for Apple which has over the years made a habit of having one kickarse product launch every year making it one of the most talked about brands. 2011 was a slight deviation in that regard especially with the Apple iPhone 4s event lacklusture. Did that stop Apple from hogging the limelight? No sir, not by a long distance.

Gdgt’s 2011 zeitgeist stands testimony to Apple’s dominance as a leading technology vendor in 2011 with Apple products pretty much taking the top stops across major categories. iPad 2, iPhone 4s, Macbook Pro 15, Macbook Air 13 took the top 4 spots in the Top 10 products of 2011 (launched in 2011). Similar picture exists in the top 10 products of 2011(launched whenever) with iPhone 4 and iPad 2 taking the top spots. Apple’s iOS continued to dominate the mobile platform in 2011 with a significantly large margin. Hence, it is no surprise that all major Apple products made for the perfect gifts globally as well. Blockbuster products or not, Apple products sure know how to capture the imagination of people across the globe and make them latch onto every incremental upgrade Apple throws at them.

One of the key attributes of the consumer technology industry is the buzz generated across various media platforms. Apple has always managed to get the publishers going crazy over whatever it does and 2011 was no exception. Apple managed to be associated with some of the most talked about stories in the technology world right justified by Techmeme’s biggest tech story feature post.



Notice the 3 biggest stories!! All Apple. Obviously, Steve Job’s resignation and demise was a really sad moment but this also highlights the love and affection of the publishing industry towards Steve Jobs and Apple.  Apart from that also, there are some 4-5 stories in the top 15 biggest stories in technology for 2011 and that says something for brand Apple.

It is noteworthy here that as i pointed out earlier, 2011 wasn’t one of the best years for Apple what with falling short of expectations with its product launch and losing a visionary like Steve Jobs but Apple still managed to reign supreme in 2011. What will be more interesting to watch out is how Apple fares in 2012? With Steve Jobs gone, there are already doubts on whether Apple has what it takes to raise the bar. Tim Cook will have his hands full in ensuring that brand Apple continues to maintain the legacy.

Do you think the year 2011 belonged to Apple be it product sales or media buzz and more necessarily will Apple be able to maintain the same in the years to come?

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