South Korea voices concerns over Google privacy policy

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The Korea Council on Protection of Personal Information is raising concerns over  Google’s new policy  stating that it would hurt the interests of all Internet users.

Google introduced a new privacy policy in January, announcing that it would merge user data from YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and other services into a single comprehensive policy. Following this new change, Google will treat a user using its products as a single individual across all its products. Internet users and critics say that the change in policy invades consumer privacy by automatically sharing personal information with different Google products, even if the user doesn’t want to.

The Korea and Communications Commission, according to a report from AFP, stated that the new change of privacy policy – due to take effect around the world on Thursday – did not meet with domestic guidelines on the protection of private data.

“Our recommendations have been sent to Google to give it time to adhere to South Korea’s communication rules. The commission called on Google to provide contacts for users to lodge complaints and give details on how long it will hold user information,” the Korea Communications Commission, which has the power to order Google Korea to change its policy, said.

Google Korea said that it would maintain constructive dialogue with South Korean government agencies.

“We can say confidently that our revised policy is in line with South Korean laws,” the company said, adding that combining information on users was aimed at offering individually-tailored services, adding that users could choose not to use services if they did not agree with the policy.

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