Nokia to launch its own tablets this year

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The tablet market is expanding with several new players are entering the space.

A recent report from Reuters claims that cellphone maker Nokia will soon be launching its own tablet computers.

Nokia design chief Marko Ahtisaari is apparently spending a third of his time on creating a tablet for the cellphone maker.

“We are working on it,” Ahtisaari stated in an interview.

Nokia’s Chief Executive Stephen Elop further added that the category is interesting for the Finnish company, but there is need for different approach to battle against the dominance of Apple’s iPad.

“We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements,” a company spokesman said on Thursday.

Giving further details on Nokia’s to-be launched tablet computers, Digi Times reports that Nokia will team up with Microsoft and release a 10-inch Windows 8-based tablet PC set on Qualcomm’s dual-core platform. The production of the 10-inch tablets will be outsourced to Compal Electronics with the first batch of shipments topping 200,000 units.

Nokia will most likely launch the Windows 8 tablet sin the fourth quarter of 2012.

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