Beware! You could be downloading a malware instead of Instagram Android App

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Instagram has been the talk of the tech town off late, and even those who never tried the Instagram app before are now tempted to give it a try. Add to it, the fact that Instagram has rolled out an Android version of its app and has got lucky with its acquisition by social networking giant Facebook. You must check out Instagram, no doubt, but be cautious while downloading the app on your mobile.

According to a recent report from Sophos, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation and are distributing malware disguised as the Android version of the popular photo-sharing app.Sophos has just discovered a Russian website selling fake version of Instagram for Android.

Malware authors have created the fake app, to earn money from unsuspecting users. When you click the application, you are directed to an install page, and it appears like you are downloading Instagram, when you’re actually downloading an imitation app that sends background SMS messages to earn its creators revenue. Sophos products detect the malware as Andr/Boxer-F.

Android malware is becoming a major problem these days. Just last week we reported on a fake edition of the Angry Birds Space game containing “Trojan horse” virus.

So, better stay safe. Always download Android apps from the official Android marketplace.

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