Google AdWords for Video is now available to all

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Last September, Google launched its video advertising service ‘AdWords for Video’ that allows businesses to reach out to their consumers via targeted video ads. Initially rolled out to a select group of people, Google today announced that this service is now available to all.

Similar to search advertising—where one pays for clicks and sets budget with bids—Google’s AdWords for Video, requires advertisers to pay only when someone chooses to watch their ads, and users can create and manage video campaigns from the same platform as their search and display ads.

“You can promote your video by keyword to appear in YouTube search results, or you can choose to show your ad against content your customers are most interested in—such as sports or music. On average, we’ve found that YouTube video ads drive a 20 percent increase in traffic to your website and a 5 percent increase in searches for your business,” writes Baljeet Singh, YouTube group product manager, on the YouTube blog.

To help those new businesses take the plunge into video advertising, Google is giving $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising. For more info about the Google Adwords for video, check out this demo video about the new service

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