Smartphones to overtake PCs in Asia, says Google

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Asia-Pacific is experiencing a phenomenal growth in the smartphone market, and mobile phones would soon replace personal computers, according to Google.

Aliza Knox, managing director of commerce for Google Asia Pacific, said that smartphones are now becoming the primary means to access the Internet in the region.

“Asia has an insatiable appetite for mobile. Asia is ahead, Asia is taking this up faster than other places,” she told a forum at the CommunicAsia telecom fair in Singapore.

Knox further added that Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea – already have higher smartphone use rates than the United States.

According to her claims 74 percent of searches in Singapore are done on mobile gadgets while in Indonesia 78 percent of Internet users go online using a tablet or smartphone. In Japan, a person has an average 45 apps on his mobile phone, and in South Korea, a person has around 42 apps.

One in two people in the world using the internet will be in Asia, by 2015, according to Knox.

“We’re engaging with media so much more because these devices are with us at all times, they are the centre of our lives. We see unprecedented mobile growth, phenomenal demand for products and media, strong network support and a myriad of services becoming available — a new role for the mobile device at the centre of people’s lives,” she said.

To prepare itself for the surge in mobile usage in Asia, Google has apparently hired 600 people in the region this year and invested $700 million to establish new data centers.

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