Bing launches Facebook photo search feature

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Bing has just announced the launch of a new Facebook Photo feature that would allow Bing users to easily search and browse through their friends’ photo collections.

The Bing sidebar now shows photos posted by friends, related to your search, based on your photo title, album description or caption, making it easy for you to find friends who can give you more information on your search. For instance, if you are searching for travel destinations in Hawaii, you will see your friends’ likes and photos in sidebar, and this would allow you to find out who you can contact to get information on best places to stay and visit in Hawaii.

“With today’s release, we are taking this a step further and letting you search and browse your Facebook friends’ photos right in Bing. Now simply by clicking on a photo in the sidebar, you will be linked to a full experience on Bing where you can see more photos from your Facebook friends that match your search. From there, you can also search for additional photos, or simply browse the latest photos from your friends,” Bing adds.

Your Facebook privacy settings will be respected, and your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable, and you will only see photos your friends have made viewable, and your photos will never be shared with the public on the Bing search.

Bing also announced a partnership with question and answer site Quora recently, to further boost Bing’s search features and allow users to find relevant information easily.

For more info on Bing’s Facebook photo feature visit

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