Infographic: How Teachers can use Social Media in Classrooms

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With the growing popularity of technology and social media in the field of education, more and more educators are incorporating these digital tools in their teaching. A recent research data claims that 90% of teachers use social media in their classrooms or in their professional careers.

Social media and technology tools can help educators teach more effectively, make lessons easy to understand, and encourage interaction from the students. For all the teachers out there, who have still not switched to the new-age digital mode of teaching, this infographic from provides some ideas on using social media in the classroom.

Here are some of these:

• Make a Facebook Page for the class where you can schedule events, post notes and remind students of assignment due dates.

• Use Facebook apps and groups like Flashcards and WeRead to make learning more enjoyable

• Use Twitter to post supplementary materials and links to articles and videos, so students can learn more about the subject even outside the class

• Follow other educators on Twitter to keep up with the latest teaching trends and get new ideas

• Allow students to use Pinterest for presentations and projects

• Record your lessons and post them on YouTube, so students can review them whenever they want.

• Create a class blog, and post weekly homework assignments on it.

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media

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