Twitter introduces a new marketing tool, that lets advertisers target users based on their interests

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Twitter has just rolled out a new marketing tool that would allow advertisers to target those that are more likely to purchase products and services being marketed.

The new targeting tool allows ads to be sorted into different categories of interest such as fashion, personal finance, music, and pets. Once an ad has been tagged under a specific topic, it would crop up among the tweets of users whose have indicated interest in the topic.

Twitter is also allowing the ads known as “promoted tweets” to be tied to specific accounts that may have followers likely to have an interest in the subject of the marketing message. Promoted Tweets mainly display the advertiser’s tweets prominently on the Twitter user’s feeds.

The new feature is Twitter’s ongoing effort to sell more ads. Just last month, the micro-blogging site launched ‘targeted tweets’ feature that lets advertisers target their tweets at users in specific regions or those using certain devices.

Using ‘targeted tweets’, global brands can have different launch dates for different countries, and send tailored messages at different times, customized for the users in each country. Mobile app providers who only want to reach customers using a particular device can do so, without sending the message to the users of different devices. Targeted advertising is available to all advertisers globally who use Promoted Tweets.

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