Apple iPad Mini steps in… to make it large!

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This Christmas season, I know iPad mini finds its place in most people’s wish list. But I recommend you to weigh your requirements, look at it closely before zeroing on it.

Let’s have a look at Apple iPad mini Features:

The basic model costs $329 and comes with 16GB of storage. And if you are looking for a 32GB model or 64 one, add $100 more as the storage capacity increases. Soon, you’ll also be able to get versions that can connect through cellular networks, not just Wi-Fi. Of course you would need to add $130 more.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini doesn’t have a Retina screen, but maintaining the same resolution as a 10” display shrunken down to 7.9” means a necessary boost in pixel density: 163ppi. That’s a nice increase over the iPad 2′s 132ppi, but it still falls short of the 264ppi of the fourth-generation iPad — not to mention, the iPhone 5′s 326dpi. Naturally, It looks little dull too, because it doesn’t have that color-boosting technology that the full-size model has, but this is still a very nice-looking display.

This is not an entirely fair comparison, as the full-size iPad starts at $499 and weighs twice as much. The real issue is that this year, there are other tablets that are cheaper than the iPad Mini, weigh only slightly more and still have better screens.

Like always, Apple has proved it that its products are NOT for economy lovers but for quality lovers. They also deliver ‘high quality’ denoting implicitly means expensive.

Comparing Apple iPad mini with other contenders:


Apple iPad

Barnes & Noble Inc.’s Nook HD Inc.’s Kindle Fire HD


$329 (16GB), $429 (32GB), $529 (64GB)

$199 (8 GB), $229 (16 GB)

$199 (16 GB), $249 (32 GB)

Screen Size

7.9 inches

7 inches

7 inches

Screen Resolution

1024 X 768 pixels

1440 X 900 pixels

1280 X 800 pixels


0.68/0.69(cellular versions)


0.87 pounds


5mp (back) & low resolution (front)


Basic (front)

Battery life

10 hours

9-10.5 hours (depending on the usage)

11 hours

Operating System

Apple OS

Advanced Google Android version

Advanced Google Android version

In a nutshell, Apple iPad mini has unrivalled third-party applications, high resolution screen along with access to the fastest 4G wireless broadband networks (available at $459) with data storage being the only hitch.

Apple iPad is niftier than its rivals and surely did attract a lot more people before you and will do more…

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