Beware of Semi-somnia

by on November 29th, 2012
Semi-somnia Disorder

Semi-somnia Disorder
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Large masses of people are suffering from the brand-new disorder – semi-somina. This is a sleeping disorder caused due to the stress set off by extensive use of technology. Semi-somnia affected people are going to face semi-sleepless nights which might be due to a stressful day at work leading to stints of sleep. An expert from India, has even coined a name, ‘fizzy sleep’ to explain this concept.

Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, author of ‘Tired but Wired’ and a sleep coach in London at the Capio Nightingale Hospital explains that sufferers of this disorder fall asleep but still feel restless and head feels heavy and giddy. He also added that the though the person might be sleeping, the brain is still high and filled with information.

This disorder is also nicknamed as insomnia’s irritating little sister. However, it is not as serious as it is as insomnia leads to deteriorating immune system, increasing depression, high blood pressure and can even give way to heart diseases. Well, semi-somnia is far more harmless than insomnia.

The sufferers of semi-somnia are likely to wake up in the night and stay awake for an hour or two as their brains are still running. All this is the effect of over usage of technology. In olden days, people used to relax their brains once they are home after work. But now trend has completely altered and people prefer to shop online to offline, use twitter and facebook rather than spending time with family and friends. These activities keep the brain active till midnight and it becomes tougher when it is bedtime. The sleep inducing hormone when released in the body starts making the temperature of the body come down and makes the body and mind relax. But with the intervention of technology, is not allowing the nervous system to switch off.

It is during the ‘sleep’ that the mind processes the information that it captures that whole day. But the recent massive amount of data that the now people are grasping is too much for the mind to deal and this is leading to semi-somnia says experts.