Change Your Communication Style with the Social Media Channel

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Every media channel needs a different voice; likewise, every social media channel too needs a different style of communication. You need to alter your style based on the audience you are addressing in the channels.

The tone depends even on your brand, business, products and even services you provide. The type of style you choose, determines your business. Having boring and dull content conveys the audience that you are running a boring business and they would never come back to you. Most businesses today prefer to have an entertaining and engaging tone to their business. Any writing or image or a video you share or post describes your brand’s tone.

Choosing Your Communication Style for Social Media

Choosing Your Communication Style for Social Media

As we use different tone, vocabulary and slang when we talk to different people in our daily life similarly we need to use different styles when communicating with different people over the social web.

Three things you can do to decide on your communication style are:

  1. Learn from your competitors: Check out your competitors’ profiles and take notes about the style they are using. Pick out the best out of it and try to add a pinch of your creativity and go ahead with your social media activities.

  2. Don’t fake it: Never make your audience feel that you are faking through your communications. Make them that you are sincerely trying to communicate with them. Many businesses have the wrong notion that having too much of dynamic images or adding smileys on their account or using special characters in their tweets would grab attention. Well, it is a wrong notion as I said earlier.

  3. Do not cross the thin line between Personal and Business: Do not let writers, writing for the social media put too much of their personality in their posts or updates. Your communication needs to be helpful, humble and friendly and have relevant professional conversations in an entertaining way.

Whatever tone you choose for your channel, consistency is the king in social media communication.

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