Ever Heard of Wiki Tube?

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Since its inception, Wikipedia proved to be the largest with millions of text-based pages. It has in fact become next only to Google for any student who looks for content to fill pages in their projects or for that matter any sort of information in any field.


Wiki Tube – Ever Heard of it?
Source-Google search

From quite a long time, Wikipedia has been criticised for its limitation of video submissions except  for those handful clips encoded in Ogg Theora format. The reason behind Wiki being so slow to avail this feature is its own commitment to stick only to use open-source technology and to host all of its content in-house, than using other companies’ data centers.

“A new video player has been enabled on Wikipedia and its sister sites, and it comes with the promise of bringing free educational videos to more people, on more devices, in more languages,” Wikimedia Foundation said Friday.

So the contributors will now be able to upload, add captions and subtitles and edit clips. It is time for us to wait and see how the online encyclopedia’s infamous community of editors will tackle this latest video upload feature.

Wikipedia, however has to wait up till it gets enough data storage space and server capacity to host the videos and normalize the format so that the videos can be accessible through all browsers and all devices. In this regard, Wiki is partnering with Kaltura from over 4 years to develop a video player with relevant editing tools.

Knowledge Lovers, you need not wait any longer to meet the new Wiki Tube!

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