Facebook Goes Tango with Instagram Shares Users Data

by on November 22nd, 2012

Facebook said that they are likely to share users data with Instagram, the top photo sharing site on the planet. It also said that they will relax emails rules pertaining to the members in the social network. Added to this, they also said that they would be taking vote from one billion users of the social network to decide about changing or retaining their privacy policy.

Facebook Goes Tango with Instagram

Facebook Goes Tango with Instagram
Image credit: Google

However, Facebook confirms that the data would be used either by the Facebook on its own or other affiliate businesses of Facebook. And by sharing users data, Facebook can now get a clearer view of the user’s personal information and behavior through Instagram and Google Inc. and build cohesive profiles of the social network users. This could help them give a better customized experience to their users.

When Google tried doing a similar thing using Google Plus, people had found it risky as consolidating all the personal information of a person can turn out to be a more risk from spammers and negative allies. In this context Facebook confirms that it would not definitely be an intervention into their personal stuff, since the users still have the ability to block their messages. The messages blocking system can be made more secure by adding filters.

Facebook says that they are open to the public for feedback and comments and if there are more than 7000 comments, there would be an automatic vote system that would be triggered asking the users to approve the changes. However online sites are facing issues as people tend to open up too much on their personal information while a few feel that their personal information is seeing too much light which they are against.