Facebook Updates ‘Pages Feed’ Feature

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Yesterday, Facebook has released a new feature – ‘Pages Feed’, which users can find it on left hand sidebar of their account. Most Facebook users are likely to be pleased with this new feature that is going to filter out and show content from the pages user follows.

“This new feature surfaces updates just from pages you are connected to” said a Facebook spokesperson. The person also said “It’s a ‘Pages only’ view of your News Feed, making it even easier for people to keep up with the Pages they care about most.”

Facebook 'Pages Feed'

Facebook ‘Pages Feed’

Having choice to select what they can see on their page, can ease users and brands of some fatigue. Facebook relies on new algorithms that run based on – ‘which content news to show members. Facebook also states that a post reaches out to only a 17 percent of the fans which is rather very disheartening for the brands. As brands usually use Facebook to build on their brand value and promote their products, services, offers and deals. However, with this update, the social network is hoping to give the users an option to make their page more customized and friendly by giving them an option to view lots of content from the fan pages they like.

On the other side, when Reuters Ipsos surveyed 2000 Facebook users in the UK this July, a whopping 34 percent of the users say that they like fan pages but hide the news updates from them. Adding more to it, a 53 percent of the survey respondents said that Facebook is turning out to become more and more ‘commercial’ with the advertisements intruding their feeds.  Facebook says that the brand reach has not decreased, but there are many users either hiding posts or flagging them as spam.

“We’re giving users more choice for what content they want to see. Knowing that the average user has 130 friends, they’re probably connected to a bunch of Pages, whether it be news outlets or games or apps or brands. It’s really a way to house all of that content but surface the most engaging things to them.” – says a Facebook spokesperson.

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