It’s Already Time for Something Better than Smartphone

by on November 23rd, 2012

It dates way back to 1997 when the term ‘smartphone’ was coined by Ericsson. Though there are controversies about the first smartphone which came into market, according to Wikipedia, Ericsson has released its first touchscreen smartphone with a Symabian mobile operating system. It slowly grew and came to full swing in 2010. From then on, there were abundant smartphones in the market with advanced versions of Symbian and Android. There are mobile companies still making advancements to smartphones. Now it is time to get something better…

Google Glass

Google Glass
Source: Getty Images

If you have been following the tech news you would definitely be aware of the computerized glasses that Google is working on. These glasses are called the Google Glass and the developers already have permission to buy these. On the other hand even Microsoft is coming up with a similar model for which it already had claimed its patents. Reportedly, there is a lot of difference between the products developed by these rivals.

The latest update of the Google Glass by Google explains that they are not going to use ‘augmented reality’ to overlay the actual world around the user while Microsoft is using it for its new product. Be it anything, these products are going to take technology to newer heights and there are chances are that smartphones would be replaced with Google Glass and whatsoever Microsoft is producing. It might completely change the way people communicate.

Interestingly, Apple isn’t disclosing any of its new advancements while Google and Microsoft are blustering about their products.