Nintendo Wii U to Upset Gaming Fans… Again!

by on November 23rd, 2012

Wii U, the Nintendo’s next generation gaming system console is going to be available this weekend. But, Nintendo is going to replay what it had done in 2006. Gaming fans are going feel the crisis again. Though Nintendo Wii was an astounding hit in 2006, it had many fans fall flat with the no-stock symbol. And it almost took years together for them to produce the gaming consoles to reach the demand.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U
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Having a great product with huge demand is a smashing achievement. But making fans to wait eagerly and worst is when they cannot meet with the demand and show sorry faces to fans. This time, Nintendo would really need to buckle up to grab the opportunity as Microsoft and Sony are launching foe consoles in the same season.

De-facto, for the first time since their inception in 1995, Nintendo could make it for the holiday season be it even with less stock. Unlike in 2001 and 2006 when Nintendo has released all its products after the launch of its rivals, this time it is going to launch its products before the launch of its rivals’ products.

In the given market with gaming consoles being produced every damn company, if Nintendo is going to lag like every time, it is definitely feel the heat from the fans. It is likely that fans would never come back to them and rather look out for other promising gaming console providers. People are being sarcastic about Nintendo and saying that they would sell their consoles to retirement homes, cruise ships and non-profit centers and not to hard core gamers.