Pope Benedict XVI is no exception for Social Media

by on November 13th, 2012

He, who is considered to be the most righteous person, is also no exception to using social media. I am talking about Pope Benedict XVI, the 85 year old pontiff and the spokesman of Vatican, who recently created a personal Twitter account to spread the miracle of God in the Twitter territory.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI
Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Though the Pope would not write all his tweets, he would be approving each of them. With more than billion followers, the Pope would be heard by almost the whole world. The Vatican Twitter account shares new updates and links from the Vatican website to over 105,000 followers. The launch of Pope Benedict’s Twitter account would be followed by a few other marketing initiatives to increase the followers to 1.1 billion members.

The Pope’s Twitter handle is yet to release and believe that he would be connected to all the major religious personals including archbishop of Canterbury through the site. Pope has also released YouTube channel, to encourage confessions online through the Pope2you website. This channel also gives followers to follow his speeches and travels regularly.  Pope Benedict is also encouraging catholics to get connected through Facebook, a social media site that helps people share information and knowledge.

Here is one of the messages tweeted by Pope last year (through Vatican twitter account) – ”Dear Friends, I just launched News.va. Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ! With my prayers and blessings, Benedictus XVI.”