Tablet-friendly Skype Version

by on November 22nd, 2012
New Version of Skype for Android

New Version of Skype for Android
Source: Google Search

Skype, the most popular audio and video calling service has released a tablet-friendly new version. This version is more compatible with tablets for android. Skype is going to give its users a more customized look for tablets. It is going to be suitable for the bigger screen in the tablet.

Skype is now asking for a sign up with Microsoft account. Microsoft has also announced that they have improved the audio quality. It is also going to have a new user interface. Though the mobile and the tablet apps are popping up every day, most of them are not customized for the tablet screen size. Sources say that the new Skype is going to be more compatible with the tablets with its landscape orientation. However, the hitch is, since it supports on the landscape orientation, Google Nexus users and Galaxy Tab 2 users would not be much impressed due to the smaller screen size.

Digressing this hitch, the Skype’s new version is a perfect app for the 10 inch tablets. We need to wait and see if Skype developers would consider this hitch o create a more compatible version for the 7 inch screen tablets.

However, if you have a 10 inch tablet, just go ahead to the Google Play store and check out the new Skype version. Let us know your views about the new version in the comments below!