Titan – The Super Hero of the Supercomputers

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Titan, the super-computer, topped the charts of Top 500 fastest computers, last week. Built by the unbeatable teams of the US Government’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennesse, reports to be 10 times better in all aspects compared to its predecessor, Jaguar, from the same lab.

Titan Supercomputer - Oak Ridge

Titan Supercomputer – Oak Ridge
Source – Google Search

Powered by the amazing combo of CPUs and GPUs, Titan has 18,688 nodes, each having an AMD 16-core Opteron and a NVIDIA Tesla K20X GPU accelerator along with 19,000 processing nodes and 710 terabytes of memory. It is also powered by the 640 processors capable of massive 17.5 quadrillion operations per second. Sequoia, the super computer which stole the show in the June of this year, had a capacity of running 16.32 operations per second. Super computers are now incorporating GPUs, which consume less power for more processing when compared with the CPUs. The parallel architecture of the GPUs, allow them to do many calculations at once.

Scientists would use this supercomputer’s computing range for extensive research, enhance the manufacturing industry by widening their range of next generation materials, for nuclear research to closely trace the behavior of neutrons in nuclear reactors, to strategize ways to model combustion of fuels in combustion engines to improve the performance of engines of cars and trucks, to identify the future of air quality.

It is noted that 61 percent of science and engineering projects in the Unites States of America were recently selected for international inspection for access to 1.84 billion core processing hours on Titan and 2.83 billion hours on Energy Department supercomputers.

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