What if Technology Takes over Humans?

by on November 28th, 2012

Would the world become chaotic?

Technology Takes Over

Technology Takes Over
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Remember what happens at the end in the movie ‘I, Robot’? The machines take over humans. They tend to take their own decisions making it tough for humans  - us. The Cambridge University is saying that super-powerful and intellectual technologies can turn out to be a threat to humans even in real life. There might arise a question of existence of humans.

Bertrand Russell, a professor at Cambridge who is chalking out plans to set up a research centre says that the future might churn out to be at the clemency of machines i.e. the technologies which do not like to have humans as a part of it.

“In the case of artificial intelligence, it seems a reasonable prediction that some time in this or the next century intelligence will escape from the constraints of biology,” says Professor Price. He also added “it tends to be regarded as a flaky concern, but given that we don’t know how serious the risks are, that we don’t know the time scale, dismissing the concerns is dangerous.”

Based on his research and study, he identifies that computers and other technologies could definitely be a threat to the mankind when these machines become capable enough to become self-centric and do not care about human necessities or environment. Price also said that like humans threatened the survival of other animals, technology can threaten our species.

Going back to my first question, so what if the technology takes over Humans? Will we be able to fight against technological advancements like they show in Hollywood movies or are we going to become extinct just like the dinosaurs?