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Checklist for Business Strategy 2013

Checklist for Business Strategy 2013
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We are almost at the end of another successful year and heading towards 2013 with lots of hopes and dreams. BUT, that is not it. Dreaming and hoping for good things to happen to you and your business is what everyone does. If you want to stand out in the crowd of your industry stream, run through this checklist and understand whether you are ready for 2013 or not.

  • Have you updated your website in the last two years?
  • Is your website ‘social friendly’?
  • Can content on your website easily be shared on social media networks? Have you incorporated all necessary social media icons relevant to your business?
  • Does your website have share-worthy content?
  • Did you prepare business strategies based on the trending social media and search engine algorithms?
  • Do you have a resourceful knowledge base on your website?
  • Are your ‘About Us’ and ‘Why us’ pages up-to-the-mark and enough convincing your customers to give business?
  • Have you made your website compatible with mobile?
  • Is your website pulling up in the first three pages of the top search engines for all your major services?

So… how many do you have ‘YES’ and how many ‘NO’? If you have even single ‘NO’, you better sit back in your office and get it done before you plan for another year ahead. Remember that business and that too online marketing is no more a luxury to afford. If you are not doing it the right way at the right time, your failure would be taught as lessons on to businesses taking baby-steps saying what not to do with business. Don’t want to drown to that stage, better wake up right now and kick-start your business.

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