Don’t Type, Just Gesture with SwiftKey Flow Beta

by on December 7th, 2012

We are all so fancied with Android for its flexibility and adaptability. Android now adds another feather to its cap with its new keyboard – SwiftKey. Its stupendous word prediction with best-class user interface and its ability to deduce slide into words is making it thrash Swype and stand with its head high in the top position.

SwiftKey Flow Beta

SwiftKey Flow Beta

SwiftKey Flow, the new version of Android keyboard released this morning is a great tool for your smartphones. With its advance gesture-based typing technology, all you just need is just slide your fingers and your words get texted automatically. Though the gesture based typing is not new in Android, what makes the SwiftKey Flow Beta different is its mind-boggling user interface and accurate word-prediction.

Testers who have tested the keyboard exclaimed that they tried to slide the sloppy screen and every time it was the right word they intended. Another added feature is that you need not even life your finger while typing to give space you can just slide even on the space bar too, giving you access to write sentences without lifting your finger.

Though it takes some time to get acquainted with the keyboard, the brighter side of it is that it is not rocket-science it’s just about sliding your finger. The intellectual prediction technology to guess your next word, gives you three options and the best option is in the middle, tapping on it, inserts the word in the text. The user interface is a great strength both in visual and functional aspects.

In a nutshell, SwiftKey Flow Beta is an amazing package with both gesture-based text input with an amazing user-friendly UI.