Hoppit – Find Restaurants Based On Your Mood!

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Never make the mistake of taking your date or your kids to a wrong place to dine. Hoppit, a search tool will help you choose restaurants near your current location based on your mood and the people accompanying you. Be it a date or a team lunch or luncheon with your family with kids, you will be able to choose the perfect place with the perfect ambiance.

Hoppit - Restaurant Search Tool

Hoppit – Restaurant Search Tool
Source: Hoppit.com

There are many restaurant goers who has menu as secondary option while ambiance comes first. For people like this, Hoppit serves best. The tool shows image with which, people can affirm on the place. Steven Dziedzic, the founder and CEO of Hoppit said “We have tried to re-imagine the restaurant local search space”. He also referred to sites like Yelp which are heavy and majorly focused on the costs. “We are putting the visual first. We want to put you in the restaurant without you actually being there.”

The tool was launched in April, and from then on it has over 50,000 users and one million recommendations. Hoppit apps are also released for Apple and Android. The highlight of the apps is that, it gives users options to view beautiful photos of the restaurants, view menus and also reserve using mobile. With is most relevant suggestions, Hoppit brings a true one-stop shop to the world of restaurant search. With its complex and relevant database of restaurants, bars, hotels and their photography, Hoppit brings life to your world.

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