The End of the Facebook World

by on December 18th, 2012

I never thought this would happen!

When I heard someone saying “Facebook is dying”, I din’t give a dime. But now after so many marketers cawing about it, I was forced to agree that my dear friend, Facebook is going to die. I happen to remember the words of an unknown author “To rise is to fall”. And I think the words are a best fit in the case of Facebook.

Facebook is Dying

Facebook is Dying
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Since its inception, Facebook just took off with a jet speed and now it stands as one of the unbeatable brands. It is and would be a great brand even if it dies. With its innovative games and amazing apps, Facebook has won great fans and followers right from the introduction of FarmVille, which is still running its series.

But now, people have had lot of it and now they are just averted. They are bored of all those games which require acceptance of invitation by their friends in order to reach to the next levels. Not many people are interested to check out the status of others or like to check the activities of their relatives, parents, etc. People are digging internet for other options which can best suit their needs and requirements.

Adding to this the Facebook’s new update about converting business pages to drive revenue made many marketers back off. This led many marketers utilizing Facebook to promote their business, to pull down their accounts and search for other marketing channels which can prove economic. Top guns in business are turning to other channels like Twitter and LinkedIn for business communications rather than Facebook.

Looking at all this, maybe it is time we say adios amigos to dear friend, Facebook.