Apple is ‘NOT’ working on a cheaper iPhone

by on January 12th, 2013
iPhone 5

iPhone 5
Source: Apple

Though you might have read many articles stating that Apple is developing iPhones for a cheaper prices to make it available for common man. May be just hope that would really happen, but sorry Phill Schiller, the senior vice President of Apple says that people have made great efforts to try to make it look real, while its all fraudulent. He shoos away all the crappy information saying that Apple had never ever had any plans of creating an iPhone for a cheaper price. He also added that every Apple product comes with a lot of quality and technology to stand out as the best product and no best things comes for lower price.

Schiller mentions that even if apple plans to come up with budget products, we would never mention to it as cheap as it is not a word associated with a brand like Apple. It is trend of Apple to to lower the prices of older versions while releasing the newer ones and iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi is the best example which is still in the market for sale at Rs. 24,500.

Though we cannot buy that Apple might never step into low budget phones, but who knows? Like Steve Jobs said that Apple can never make 7 inch tablet, while they actually did with the iPad mini. So when time changes, things have to change according to the trends. But as of now, no iPhone for less price please budge on that.