Barack Obama’s Autopen Feat

by on January 4th, 2013

This New Year I want to start off with something that really makes you say wooooooow!

Obama Autopen

Obama Autopen
Source: Google Images

Do you know that when Barack Obama, the US President, has signed a Congress’ fiscal cliff deal into law while he was 4800 miles away from Washington DC in Hawaii? Yes this isn’t a joke or a prank. Barack Obama, like many government officials takes the help of ‘autopen’ to serve in his role in his absence.

Autopen, is a great invention in the world of technology. The pen is feature such a way that it has the memory to store the strokes of a particular person’s hand-writing and replicate the same when necessary. This seems to be like a Ghostwriter but it is a fact that there are a way too many advantages of this autopen.

Being extremely time-pressed, Obama had to sign the law with the help of autopen allowing the law to be passed immediately.

Hope such technological advancements are utilized just for positive purposes and not exploited.