Can you spend $100 to send a facebook message to Mark Zuckerberg?

by on January 24th, 2013

As a plan to reduce the spammers attack on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has introduced the $100 plan. So according to this plan, anyone who wants to send a facebook message to a celebrity, will have to pay a grand amount of $100.

When they have introduced the plan, many die-hard fans of celebrities were awestruck and were devastated to know that they had to pay heavy ransom to get in touch with their celebrities. When Wall Street Journal had asked Facebook for an explanation for the same, they said that this was an effort made to stop spammers from sending messages to celebrities. So if someone wants to really send a message to celebrities, they need to pay off $100. They are also trying to limit the messages to one per week.

Though facebook is forecasting outrage from many deities, they are cajoling them saying that this could also be really cool to boast off. Sending a facebook message to Barack Obama for $100 dollars could elevate the fame of the person.

Analysts have started thinking that Facebook is in too much need that it had taken such a dumb decision. Facebook’s main motive was to give communication for free. With its business pages monetized and the facebook messages also costing so high, may be Zuckerberg either needs to think again about his decisions.