eCommerce Sites To Make Social Media As Headquarters

by on January 31st, 2013

Shopping trends are upgrading from retails shops to online stores in India. And the eCommerce sites are striving hard to compete in the virtual world for visibility. But one thing that did not change from the traditional shops to online stores is the importance of personal customer interaction. Let come any number of marketing and sales techniques, nothing can beat the one-to-one interactions.

Since the shopping trends are changing, the marketing trends and sales trends also fall in place with the digital marketing techniques. While traditional shopping used print, tv, radio and other media for promoting, now eCommerce sites are using Social Media for their marketing and promotion.

eCommerce on Social Media

eCommerce on Social Media

Most companies including,, and many more are using social media extensively to maintain appropriate and consistent interactions with the customers. They are using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as the top three channels to procure new customers, maintain relationship and retain the existent customers. Social media is a superb awesome tool to create brand awareness, introduce new arrivals, build brand loyalty and also promote offers and sales.

Out of all the digital marketing channels, picking out social media as the best source has many reasons including the ease to get connected to the customers and the two-way communication which allows both the marketers and the customer to listen and speak.

Another key aspect that makes social media vital is that it is as important and powerful as word of mouth. Once you have the right audience and the right social media plan, viral marketing, customers and ROI will fall in place. All you need to do is identify the customer niches. Once you get it, you can do customized marketing based on their demographics and psychographics.

Thus with the change of technology, shopping is changing and likewise is marketing.