Hyundai Cars with Built-in Google Maps Navigation System

by on January 9th, 2013

Google Maps, the super-star for 2012 apps, is now going to be incorporated with navigation systems of Hyundai cars.

Hyundai Cars With Built-in Google Maps Navigation System

Hyundai Cars With Built-in Google Maps Navigation System
Source: Google Images

We all know how Google maps works with its high level granular accuracy. Having built-in navigation systems, will help car users to send route or address or destination to the navigation system through Send2Car feature. The system is also said to have two more feature – Point Of Interest (POI) and Local Search using Voice. The POI and the local search features would regularly be updated with the Google Places database. New updates infer to having access to more destinations and able to find places quick and easy. Along with Hyundai’s Blue Link, Kia’s UVO infotainment systems are also collaborating with Google maps for the three features – Send2Car, POI and Local Search by Voice.

The Director of Customer Connect at Hyundai Motor America said, “Google is a leader and innovator in search, content and technology, offering incredible links. Blue Link makes it easy for our owners to find and navigate to their destinations. The integration of Google Maps APIs makes Bleu Link even more effective. We look forward to continuing work with Google to bring innovative solutions to Hyundai owners.”

Tarun Bhatnagar, head of Enterprise Geo at Google said, “We’re always looking for easy to make it easier for people to discover more relevant information to help them make informed choices – whether that’s where to go for a coffee, where to take dry cleaning.” He also added, “It is great to see that more drivers now have access to fresh, web-based content while on the go with Hyundai Blue Link Google Maps integration.”

Hyundai is not ready to say when they would launch these features and with what models, however Kia announced that they would launch these features with Kia Sorento in 2014.