Internet Hazardously Causing Global Warming

by on January 9th, 2013

Can u believe that there is millions of tonnes carbon dioxide released due to the excessive usage of internet? To be precise it is 830 millions of tonnes of CO2 gas is being emitted due to internet and other online factors.

Past in those good olden days when we used directs mails and notebooks, scientists shouted and yelled saying that we are wasting paper and causing global warming. The advent of internet and later on, many other software, technologies etc. made us shift from our habitual papers to the so-called environment-friendly internet. And now when we are totally into internet, at peak stage where our lives are no more possible with internet, they are shouting again saying internet is hazardous and causes global warming and polar ice caps are melting.

Internet Causes Global Warming

Internet Causes Global Warming
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But what have we got now as our alternative to internet? Well it is our well-known cloud-based technology which helps you to switch from the shackles of physical hardware to an easily adaptable and accessible cloud based systems. Researchers from the Bell Labs say that if the shift to the cloud based systems is not done, the CO2 emissions are going to get doubled by 2020 causing a great need for fresh breathe.

So as a social being, we need to make our minimal efforts to bring about a change by switching to energy efficient devices and renewable energy sources and stop the polar ice caps melting and the water levels in the oceans rise up.