Ivy Guide – The Pen that Translates

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For people who desire to learn languages, this is a device ought to try, Ivy Guide. Ivy Guide is a device that can be fitted to a pen or a pencil. It scans words and translate it into the chosen language. It is basically a device which makes learning new language easier without the help of manual or automated tutor.

The device has a smooth flexible sponge that can be adjusted to fit the pen or pencil. When you press the translating button while underlining the word, the meaning of the word is projected in the chosen language.

Check out the video here to see how it works…

The mini translator or a simply a pen guide, proves to be helpful device for international students who are trying to get a hang off the local languages. Designers Shi Jian, Sun Jiahao and Li Ke explains that the pen will create a great experience to readers and will also retain the reading habit.

The device is now said to be conceptualized and executed for only English and Chinese languages as options for chosen languages. The designers are expected to come up with more vocabulary and more languages in the near future.

The device usability doesn’t stop with students; it can prove helpful even to business magnates for signing contracts with people from different languages.

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