jOBS movie – A Sensation or A Controversy

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Everything related to Steve Jobs was a sensation. Now even jOBS movie about Steve Jobs is predicted to create a sensation but, with lot of mixed reviews and controversies.

jOBS, a movie about Steve Jobs own life directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matthew Whitely with Ashton Kutcher casting as Steve Jobs, has already got a varied feedbacks from Steve Wozniak after the release of the Sundance premier. Twitter was overloaded with positive and negative reviews.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Top:Steve Jobs
Bottom: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in jOBS

While Steve Wozniak exclaimed that Steve Jobs and him never had such conversations showcased in the movie. Let’s give it up to the positive ones first. There are people who have actually liked Kutcher playing Steven Jobs. His appearance and personality looked very similar with what Steven Jobs actually looked. There are also people who were all thrilled and excited about the movie and felt that this movie would be a milestone for Kutcher’s career. There were people who could see the emotional perspective of it. People also liked Josh Gad in Steve Wozniak’s role.

Even negative reviews poured out saying that people have actually had a disappointment and that it misses the spark what Steve Jobs had. They were also comments saying that it was very bland and just clumsy.

Let me not mention the extreme ones anyways. Well when it comes to the critics, most of them said that it couldn’t match up to be a real tribute to the legendary.

Well, let us see what Sony Pictures is going to come up with the Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs which is going to arrive in theatres on April 19th.

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