Most annoying activities of friends on Facebook

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Do you like that friend who keeps updating his status every minute every second, saying for example, I have just had my breakfast, liked the chicken subs I had, heard that it is very healthy with low calories and so on and so forth…
Well I find them really annoying and irritating and try to block them mostly. Well, there are many other people who have complains about their facebook friends activities. So i have done a research work with my friends and colleagues to check out what are the top ten activities that people hate about their facebook friends.

Facebook annoying friends

Facebook annoying friends
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Crazy parents: People really are not interested in those parents facebook updates about their kids pooping for the first time on the potty. Well you see, we really like your kids but it doesn’t meant that we would be interested in all those stuff. Hope you understand. Once is while we would really be excited to see them but not every day would we like to start our day looking rosy asses.
Consistent updates: Well as I already said, I personally hate people who update their facebook updates every now and then about what they wear, what they feel… so on and so forth. Dude, seriously i don’t want to know what you are wearing today and how you feel about that ugly purple shirt of yours.
Selfies: Huff, all those pics that you click in your wash room with your friends, etc. etc. please no one would be in your selfies you posing all ways with all emotions, serious, funny, comic, what not everything. Well, do you think it is cool? It is not my friend!
Talking personal: The other day I saw parents consoling their kid for some crap. We really appreciate that you love your kid so much but putting that on facebook makes others feel that maybe you are just doing that to show off. You really mean what you updated, tell them in person it might prove to be more impactful.
Couple profiles: You are in love or getting engaged or getting married doesn’t mean you need to have a combined profile. It is ok to have two separate accounts though you feel you are one entity living in this world.
Friends, please do not take this offensively. Try and stabilize your facebook activities so that you don’t miss out on your friends.

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