Personal Thinking on Social Media Networks

by on January 22nd, 2013

Social media teams of almost every brand out there think alike. They consider social media like just another communication channel and forget the real beauty that they can get out of it. If you want your brands to do really good in the social media globe, you need think ‘Personal’.

Personal Social Thinking

Personal Social Thinking
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Social media is all about being personal. Though you are talking as a brand, you are talking to people and they would expect a human nature on the other end of the line. So you need to go back to your basics and rework on your social media strategy to come up with a plan that is sounds more personal to your audience. Here are three steps you need to take to break the shackles from being a brand to being a person on the social media.

  1. Stop looking at social media just like another communication channel with your customers. Social media is lot more than that. When communication channel like email marketing is demanding for personalization, social media would definitely demand more. Well, we are not saying that you have to mention their names, but you need to keep an eye on their behavioural patterns to be precise, social activity patterns. Cognise your audience’s personas and check out similar social media users profiles to comprehend their activities and create a blueprint of your social media strategy based on these patterns. And cater to what they need not just what you have.
  2. Be on the lookout of all your social media activity results like engagement rates, likes, shares, retweets, comments, etc. Try to have conversations with your fans and followers. Having interactions with them can increase your metrics. And based on the metrics you get, you can tweak your strategies.
  3. Create a brand image for your business. Be it a SMB or a large scale industry, you need to create a brand image to make people remember you and come to you when they have a requirement. Slate new ways and plans to make this happen and benchmark yourself as an avid brand.