Social Media Pixie Dust Sprinkles on Hollywood

by on January 29th, 2013

Social media pixie dust had fallen on Hollywood and producers are going to fly high saying goodbye to all those costly bill boards, print ads, so on and so forth. All they would now need to do is hire social media fairies and make them sprinkle their magic dust on all the social media channels.

Social Media Pixie dust on Hollywood

Social Media Pixie dust on Hollywood
Source: Disney

Gone were the days when producers had to bang their head against the wall to come up with creative stuff regarding showcasing their movies in an alluring way on those huge bill boards and buying columns to advertise their upcoming and currently in theatre movies. Not that social media doesn’t need creativity, but social media is so viral that if started the right way with the right people, the fans and followers will take care of the rest and make it go viral like crazy.

72 percent of people write about the movie they see in theatres!

Be it the Twilight series or The Hunger Games, which had a great campaign built for the social media fan-base or Harry Potter or Skyfall, or any movie teams nowadays is creating niche social media campaigns to influence the social media audience and drive them to the theatres. The most engaging social media campaigns are going to have greatest results at the box office.

Posts, games, pics, Gifs, interactive content, photo shoots, success meets, everything and anything under Sun related to Hollywood is impressive. Everything the marketing firms of the industry needs to check is the social media sites that work best for their genre, and kick-start their campaigns shooting directly at their audience. Leave the rest to the fans, they will take it forward…