Super sale of Twitter followers – 1000 for $5!

by on January 9th, 2013

Facebook’s trend of buying friends, likes, etc. for business pages has taken the downhill, as social media gurus predict the death of Facebook. However, we should say Twitter has never seen hint of failure with millions of people tweeting at the very second you are checking out my article. There are many businesses who are striving to get followers through true means of twitter. On the other side, there are people who profusely need them for jiving up their numbers, buy followers.

Buying Twitter Follwers

Buying Twitter Follwers

Dan Nainan, the famous American comedian was all over on the news for the same. Yes he bought followers on twitter. Well, I know what you are thinking with so many fans, he would absolutely become a hero, what was the need for him to buy followers? The reason is that the target audience of Dan Nainan are on other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, etc. but not on Twitter, which most of them use for professional requirements. However, if there are marketers like event managers or other people, who are on a look out for comedians search on the twitter, Dan Nainan would not be their priority if he doesn’t have ample followers. So for this reason, Dan bought a small city in twitter with 220,000 followers for just $424.15.

Now, Dan Nainan’s twitter account with over two million followers would definitely indicate that he is really great at whatsoever he’s doing. Well this has made many people raise their eye-brows, we do not whether they are thinking of this as their next option or may be running through twitter search to see who else might have done the same. Dan might be just an example to portray how people buy followers on twitter. There are many businesses, celebrities, politicians, stars, not to forget even the start-ups, who buy followers from this so-called black market.

The twitter gurus are advising buyers to check out the followers list to be devoid of bots and spammers. They are also preaching that why not buy a few thousand followers, when it is available just for peanuts!