The wait is over for Pebble Smart Watch

by on January 10th, 2013

Viola! Your Pebble smart watch would be shipped from January 23rd. If you have booked that awesome Pebble smart watch, well you watch would be on its way starting this January. The CEO of Pebble, Eric Migicovsky, exclaims that this was an interesting journey at a press event at CES 2013. Kickstarter, which had helped in funding for this amazing project had rasied over $10 million from approximately 70,000 people who wished to have a trendy watch that can get connected to you smartphone.

Pebble Smart Watch showing email notifications

Pebble Smart Watch showing email notifications

When Pebble, released a video about the smart watch that gets connected to Apple and Android phones on Kickstarter, the video went viral like crazy and over more than 85,000 watches were ordered. All this within just few days. The anxious start up, promised to ship the watches in September, 2012, which had just been a month of excitement and expectations. But, the watches dint turn up and now they have finally decided to ship the watches in January 2013.

 Watch the video here!

The super watch is expected to incorporate all the features they have showcased in the videos and also on the Kickstarter website. The watch can be easily connected with smartphone or iPhone using Bluetooth. It also gives you access to your text messages, emails and missed calls with the help of Pebble app.

Eric Migicovsky said that they are going to dispatch watches based on the orders this month and there is also extra stock for people who are planning to order now or buy it right away online. Well, I am planning to take one, as it would be of great help to check out a few elements on your watch rather pulling out that huge iPhone from my jeans.

Well agree with me, go for it. Will keep you updated with the review. Peep in for more news!