Twitter – the invincible social (virtual) leader

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The recent reports submitted by Global Web Index (GWI) proclaimed that Twitter is the fastest bird in the social networking era.

Allow me to explain, Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform beating Facebook and Google with the growth digits invincible to be crossed by any of the social networking site. The number of active users jumped by 40% from the second quarter to the fourth of 2012.And this equals to 288 monthly active users.

Twitter is the Leader

With just 140 limited characters to tweet, the microblogging service proved that it is no less to any of the social giants. The new features added quite recently served in as a push to increase its users’ base. Constant effort to provide users more options has always been an asset for the Twitter and to rope in new users.

Analysts have ascertained various reasons over the increased Twitter use. The increased mobile internet usage was cited as the primary reason. But Twitter integration into iOS was the game changer.

Check out the full report here…

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