Twitter Tips that will definitely prove helpful for Jobs Search

by on January 29th, 2013
Twitter tips for job search

Twitter tips for job search

Have you been on a lookout for a new job? Well twitter is one social media platform that can give you abundant chances to try out. Here are three tips that can help job aspirants hit the bull’s eye.

  1. Have a powerful twitter handle: Before anything else, twitter handle is the first aspect that grabs attention on twitter. So, if you want to be noticed at the first look, you might want to add your profession to the twitter handle. It can be as simple as @MikeWriter. After the twitter handle it is the description that holds great value. If you are not going to tell about yourself in a crisp and clear way, you might be missing out on great opportunities. Emphasize more about your career in the profile description but also remember to include your hobbies. Remember, people with great hobbies happen to be the most creative and innovative ones leading stress free lives.
  2. Power just a few but worthy people: If you are going to follow every damn one on twitter, you can get hundreds and thousands of followers which don’t even speak your language, but it doesn’t hold any value. Follow few but valuable people who hold are relevant to your business or people who motivate you or just people whom you like. You can follow your favourite bands on twitter, but do not overdo it. Retweeting and liking the tweets of people whom your follow adds up to your titter scores.
  3. Tweet original content: If you are willing to tweet, write original. Do not just pick up sentences from random websites which aren’t anyways related to you. If you maintain a personal blog and you have tweeted about things you can tweet about the posts. At times you can just share generic posts about news in your niche industry etc.

Now what connection do all these tips have to your job search? When recruiters are searching for eligible candidates on Twitter, they scan your twitter profile and activity. If you are going to fool around with it, you might not create a great impression and for obvious reason, you are missing the job.

Who knows may be it is the job you have ever dreamt of…