Writing Content for Facebook

by on January 5th, 2013
Content for Facebook

Content for Facebook
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Writing for Facebook needs a niche style. It is not similar to other communication channels like email or blogs or any other channel. Especially automating tweets to be posted on Facebook is not a wise thing to do in the current scenarios. Though there is news that Facebook is dying, it dint die yet and most businesses still have their customers or prospects highly active on Facebook. So until they are all diverted to other interesting social media platforms, it is a must for businesses to craft niche content for their Facebook fan pages.

Having just an interesting product is just not enough. There are many marketers who claim to have a great product and hence boast around saying that their product can just fetch results and they do not need any marketing tactics. Well, you can dream about it anyways. Remember that even if you have a great unique product, executing marketing tactics that pour in more results are a great asset to marketing. To enhance your Facebook page, you need to post creative photos that grab audience’s attention. Along with creative posts, quantity is also a concern. However, do not over-do it, but, have a consistent flow of posting.

Facebook unlike twitter doesn’t constrain you from writing more. It is better to write lengthier content rather than sticking to brevity which is no good. People love to read short sentences and less content in a post, they tend to read long copies, if the content is alluring enough. With new features of Facebook, you can post messages to a specific audience using the Page Post Targeting option.

Last but not the least, measure the engagement rate on Facebook for every post. Find out what are the types of posts your audience tend to read and create more of such content and inspire them more.

Remember, facebook is not a one way communication. If your content is not engaging enough and not bringing any likes, comments or shares, you better step back and check out your social media strategies carefully.