Writing Content for LinkedIn

by on January 7th, 2013
Content for LinkedIn

Content for LinkedIn
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LinkedIn is a very different from all the other social media channels. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, LinkedIn is not a channel to make friends or chill out. It is all professional. So you need to have a perfect professional tone to your updates or any activity you do on it.

There are two types of content on LinkedIn channel – articles and groups.

Most people share articles from their accounts to attract people who fall into the same genre. So create articles which you think would help people in your industry and circulate such articles to win trust and credibility. However, do not write lengthy articles that don’t make sense. Remember that quality comes prior to quantity.

Participating in groups is the best way to get in touch with people from your industry and also to get business. Join groups and participate in discussions. Answering questions with supporting statistics or facts or real world examples, will build credibility. So when people are searching LinkedIn for some answers and they come across you answer which is well-answered backing up all facts, they trust you and when they need your service or product, they are likely to get back to you.

You can also share the feedback and testimonials provided by your customers to grab in more audience. Lastly, have all your employees to join LinkedIn and ask them to take active participation for better results.