Writing Content for Pinterest

by on January 7th, 2013
Content for Pinterest

Content for Pinterest
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Pinterest is more of an image sharing site. But however, content plays a major role there as well. Pinterest is a social media channel which concentrates more on lifestyle and also inspiring people. People come to Pinterest to just get inspired. There are people who create Pinterest accounts just to visit get ideas and leave. But where does content come into action? When people are searching out for something specific, the description given to the image is what pulls up the images. Though the content on the image also plays a major role, we cannot deny the fact that Pinterest is mostly an image sharing site.

Infographics is one best thing that makes Pinterest. Infographic is nothing but a combination of information and graphics to create an image which can be easily scanable. So create infographics of your processes, buying cycles, evolution of your products or companies, etc. and share them on your pin board.

However, there is lot more than images. You can use alluring content, and drive traffic to website by back linking. You can create a success story board on your Pinterest account and share the success stories of your customers. People would definitely love to read success stories if they are interested in buying your product, so they will absolutely be amazed to read interesting success stories. So write case studies which can grab attention of people. Do not just put the pictures of your customers. Try to create infographics of the story.

All the images should show the persona of your company. See to it that you maintain a theme or a color code or something special that makes people remember you just by looking at it.