Writing Content for Twitter

by on January 7th, 2013
Content for Twitter

Content for Twitter
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Twitter is an amazing tool where people are crazily involved and share content like crazy. By the time you read this post, there would be having been billions of twitter users who have tweeted, retweeted, liked and had conversations. Twitter is so fast. Twitter reminds me old cliché “Stitch and time waits for none”. Similarly, tweets wait for none and if your tweets are not in the top pages of twitter, sorry but you are not going to be seen by anyone.

Twitter is to write short and quick stories in the available 140 characters maintaining a consistent voice. Having an inconsistent tone can confuse your audience and they might lose out of track. Hashtags are the best thing ever possible in twitter that helps your audience to search out for you or your service.

Twitter is the best channel for news. Even top-guns including Barack Obama uses Twitter to spread news around the world. Tweet your original content. Imitate others but do no copy. Share ay news about the important events like conferences, seminars, etc. in your industry. Live tweeting during important events will definitely yield great results and fetch you worthy followers.

You can also share fun stuff at times but be very careful. There were many cases where twitter led to trouble for being negligent. Twitter is a time-driven tool so be fast, quick yet careful.

Happy Tweeting!