250,000 Twitter Accounts (Maybe Even Barack Obama)

by on February 7th, 2013

Last Friday twitter announced the hacking of 250,000 twitter accounts. Though twitter tried to cover it up by saying that this is a very small percentage of the total twitter users, it is sceptical that these hacked twitter accounts might belong to the top guns in the world including Barack Obama.

Twitter accounts hacked

Twitter accounts hacked
Source: Gettyimages

Confusingly, all the quarter million accounts hacked are said to have registrations dating back to June 2007. So these could be the accounts which made registrations when twitter began its invasion on internet. When PeerReachFound had asked 80 twitter account holders whose accounts were hacked, all except 4 users have registered their accounts in June the 2007.

Social media analysts have estimated June 15th 2007 to be a cut off date and most accounts hacked are registered before this date. The hacked accounts are said to include twitter accounts of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Speaker John Boehner, Congressman Eric Cantor and many other politicians and top guns.

Nico Schoonderwoerd said “Twitter is saying that only a tenth of a percent of their total population has been compromised. But this tenth of a percent is among the most significant. This could be coincidence, or it could be (the hackers) specifically targeted a certain server because they wanted those accounts.”

Though twitter hasn’t released any details about the hacking, there are rumours that the hackers got access to the usernames, email addresses and passwords of the hacked accounts. Twitter has not mentioned about the exact day as to when it was hacked. There are many goofs up about backend issues in regard with twitter which we aren’t sure yet. We’ll update you once we get some news. Till then, stay tuned…