Check Your Spellings Kid With This Vibrating Pen!

by on February 5th, 2013
Vibrating Pen for Spell Check

Vibrating Pen for Spell Check
Source: Lernstift

I always wanted something like this. After being so acquainted with auto-correct, most people tend to forget the spellings of simple yet confusing words like achieve, receive, entrepreneur, etc. So with Lernstift pen, you are not going to face the problem. Because, every time you have an error, the pen vibrates, be it a spelling error or a grammatical one.

Though the German company Lernstift, had started this project to help students who are learning spellings, now they find it useful to people of all ages. With the warning vibration, you can make out the mistake in the sentence and correct it and check out in the instance. We still don’t know if the schools would accept students to carry such stuff to write their exams, but this is going to be of great help to learn.

The vibrating pen has two functions – Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode. In Calligraphy mode, the pen detects the errors pertaining to form and legibility and in Orthography mode the pen vibrates when there is a grammatical error. The developers of the pen are also planning to do more advancements to the pen like adding more pressure sensors, getting it connected with the computer and also improving the functionality.

With the company’s line, “From the very first words there were errors”, we are quite evident that these people are going to build it to make it more flexible and useful…

Check out how the pen works here!