Facebook Turns 9 – Happy Birthday Facebook!

by on February 4th, 2013

Happy Birthday to you Facebook

You have been grand…

From day you were born…

Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you…

Happy Birthday Facebook

Happy Birthday Facebook
Source: Facebook

This 4th the Feb, 2013 Facebook turned 9. With more than 1billion users’ base the social networking giant is still extending its tentacles ever since its inception.

It was on Feb 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg with the help of his four friends launched the site for Harvard University students as a project work. In no time it gained popularity and the number of users increased exponentially. From then on, there’s no looking back for the founder, the social networking site has crossed many milestones by developing the site continuously.

Facebook with its evergreen innovative ideas and games to keep people engaged have actually slurped in more people. The tremendous advancements have made Facebook a great place not just to share personal emotions but also a place to buy and sell products. Almost every good brand out there has a Facebook fan pages with thousands of fans.

The deadly combo of Instagram and Facebook had made the engagement rates hit the peaks. There are millions photos being clicked or edited on Instagram and shared on Facebook every day. The recent advancement of Facebook with its graph search, a tool that uses social media data to collate search results, is supposedly pulling well.

Hoping to see greater things happening with our dear friend, Facebook.

Wishing Facebook a very happy birthday…