Top 2 Chrome Web Reference Apps You Cannot Forgo

by on February 15th, 2013

If you are Google Chrome user, you would definitely be aware of what I am talking about. Google chrome has an ocean of web apps that you can take advantage of. The two three extensions are extension and Wikipedia Instant. If you want to download Google chrome apps or extensions, go to the Google chrome web store and download your choice.

Number one, extension:



It is the top chrome extension used by over 21 thousand users. It is not a normal extension which lets you click on the extension and takes you to the website, but an extension which helps you to use it while you are on another page. When you are on another tab on chrome, double clicking on a word can show definition or meaning of the word. So you need go to an entirely different tab to check the meaning of a word without digressing from what you are reading. The extension also shows synonyms along with the meaning. So it is a combination of a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Number Two, Wikipedia Instant App:

Wikipedia Instant

Wikipedia Instant
Source: Wikipedia

At number two is Wikipedia Instant with nearly 9 thousand users. This application provides suggestions when you are searching for something on the web. It is quicker than the Wikipedia website. When you search for something on the search, Wikipedia prompts you articles and topics and displays. It is far better than the static Wikipedia website.

So there are a hell lot of ads on Google Chrome that makes your search easy, interesting and niche. Get going with your chrome customization.